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Marketing Strategy That Helps Business Founders Make Power Moves By Anticipating and Planning for Tomorrow's Market Conditions

Intuition allows for creative problem solving

Attract Local Customers

Attract local customers easily and quickly with an optimized Google My Business Account. Take our online course to learn the secrets for restaurants, retail stores and small businesses.

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Learn how to attract local customers easily and quickly with an optimized Google My Business Account. Take our online course to learn the secrets for restaurants, retail stores and small businesses.

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Rita The Robot Runs Food

April 22, 2022
The future of restaurants includes a side order of technology

Food Literacy

April 21, 2022
The Pandemic has expanded our knowledge about food…how will this change restaurants?

The Importance of Food Photography

April 20, 2022
We eat with our eyes — here are some tips.

Restaurants Are Celebrating 4:20

April 19, 2022
It's International Weed Day Tomorrow
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Creative companies outperform their peers on key financial metrics

of innovating companies struggle

54% of innovating companies struggle to bridge the gap between innovation strategy and business strategy.

of searches

88% of searches for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

organic revenue growth

67 percent had above-average organic revenue growth.


74 percent had above-average EBITDA

total return

70 percent had above-average total return to shareholders.

Create, Innovate, Implement and Thrive

courses, products, and services

We’ve created tools and offer services to help you thrive in business.


Creative Marketing Strategy

Create an employee experience that engages and supports growth. Corporate spirituality is a developing trend as more workers want to create, lead, and work for companies that align with their personal values.

  • Workshops about pathworking to foster engaging and impactful work, create a sense of community, support inner life connection.
  • One on one mentoring to identify career direction and remove blocks to success.
  • On-demand courses to develop intuition and strengthen creative flow.

Innovation Training Services

Launch the right products and services at the right time by engaging in customer discovery that leads to innovation. Disrupt your industry with solutions that are profitable and can’t be easily copied.

  • Research strategy to identify unmet market needs that your business can address well and profitably.
  • Workshops to strengthen the ability to identify emerging trends and to launch the right products at the best time.
  • Product positioning and pricing with brand mapping strategies to ensure you are finding the white space in the market.

Strategic Planning Consulting Services

Quantify your share of available market. Identify the target markets most receptive to your products and services. Create a nimble go to market strategy with integrated marketing plans timed for success.

  • Map your customer’s journey to ensure the marketing strategy supports a prosperous conclusion for you and the customer.
  • Customer persona development aligned with your business goals.
  • Create fast and effective business plans using start-up Lean Canvas templates – so you can implement and pivot faster.
  • Rise above the competition with key word research and content SEO strategy that ensures you have domain authority.
  • Conversion rate optimization strategy that turns shoppers into buyers.

Marketing Tactics and Implementation:

Improve your SEO, make quick but powerful upgrades to your operations with targeted marketing tactics. Free audio, articles, and online courses let you self-direct and implement quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Learn about restaurant, retail, and consumer marketing tactics and trends with hours of 2-min Flash Briefing audio clips.
  • Read articles with marketing tips, trends, and advice
  • Take online courses to learn: SEO, marketing strategy and implementation.
Connecting people, brands and ideas

Inspiration Leads to Creative Implementation

Michelle Brisebois is s Digital Marketing Consultant specializing in Conversion Rate Optimization.  She has several decades of experience in food, pharmaceutical, financial services and beverage alcohol sectors.  Michelle has written for Canadian Vending Magazine, Canadian Florist Magazine, Canadian Pizza Magazine and Baker’s Journal for several years on trends in retailing, technology and marketing.

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