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We keep your marketing initiatives focused and on track to ensure it connects to and supports your operations. Our focus is your growth in a predictable, sustainable way.

Michelle Brisebois - Digital Marketing Consultant

Michelle Brisebois is s Digital Marketing Consultant specializing in Conversion Rate Optimization.  She has several decades of experience in food, pharmaceutical, financial services and beverage alcohol sectors.  Michelle has written for Canadian Vending Magazine, Canadian Florist Magazine, Canadian Pizza Magazine and Baker’s Journal for several years on trends in retailing, technology and marketing.

Do you have a marketing strategy defined but need to roll it out to your employees and customers? We have experience in developing and implementing brand training processes to make sure your customer-facing team members aren’t fighting the marketing initiatives because they don’t understand them or know how to work with them.

Do your customers who “like” you on social media also buy from you? We understand how to move customers through the conversion funnel so their “likes” turn into a purchase.

Do your physical and online stores convert the traffic to purchases effectively? We’ll look at your traffic, your merchandising and your sales process and data points and provide counsel on how to turn those shoppers into buyers.

Have you been able to make sense of your Google Analytics, transactional data and all of your other data points to target your best opportunity for growth? We’ll distill from your data the business story your numbers are telling and focus your marketing efforts where your biggest “bang for buck” lives.

Would you like to develop a subscription-based “club” to connect with your best customers and give your business predictable revenue? We’ll help you to decided how to structure your club operationally and how to market it effectively.  We know how to set up process to maximize retention and to help you avoid conflict with your other sales channels.  If you have a club already, we can help you grow it.

We love strategy but love rolling up our sleeves and implementing it more.  Connect and let’s see how we can help.

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