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Most companies feel that technology is developing at a faster clip than their ability to leverage it in their marketing initiatives (Walker Sands, 2017).  Ad Week also reports that 56% of companies also feel overwhelmed by the data they’re collecting.

The answer to this challenge is clear…come up with a new buzzword.  MarTech!

Yes, I’m being glib but “MarTech” is a new word that attempts to capture a new marketing discipline that marries the traditional story telling and psychology of marketing with the analytical and mechanical aspects of the technology.  

MarTech…the Brangelina of business.  Hopefully, without the messy drama.

I’m happy that there is a word that formally interlaces the two disciplines because Textrix Consulting is all about blending the engaging content development of traditional marketing with the SEO and data-driven decision making of technology.  While I could wax poetic about why the blending of art and science makes the result greater than the sum of the parts; there’s an even more practical reason why I believe traditional and digital marketing belong together.

Google rewards those websites who have engaging content for people to view.

The best thing to ever happen to innovative and creative people was Google’s decision to change its algorithms so that online content that’s been created with thoughtfulness and empathy will outshine digital content that’s designed to try and outsmart the search engines.  

The marketing is still the main event.  The data is simply there let you know if the marketing achieved its objective.  This is great because traditionally, marketers never knew if their radio ads, billboards and TV commercials actually worked.  They might assume the marketing worked if sales went up but it was a crap-shoot at best. As David Olgilvy once said “I know half my marketing works, I just don’t know which half.”

The data tells us what’s working and what isn’t   Or, we have the potential to know and this is where many companies want help.

Instead of creating a new social media feed every time the next Snapchat or Pinterest pops up – understand that each channel has it’s strengths and appropriate audience.  It’s important to match those attributes with your desired audience and business goals. Don’t try to be everywhere unless you have a team of marketers the size of the Game of Thrones cast.

Companies are overwhelmed at the thought of AI (artificial intelligence) and Conversational Commerce but sometimes don’t realize that being ready for these trends isn’t as difficult or as expensive as one might think.

Being ready for AI and Conversational Commerce is often about getting the basics right.  It’s about being easily found and ensuring your marketing content answers popular questions clearly and engages and educates your audience.  We can help you figure out where your bang for your buck will be. We’ll guide you on a digital strategy that helps people find you easily and then do business with you easily.

Connect with us.  We’d love to hear about your business goals.